PUREDERM Galaxy 3X Multi-Masking Program”For Oily Skin”


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T-Zone is a Pink bubble Mud Mask containing Calamine and Tea Tree Extract to balance the oil balance of the skin that is shiny and make it smooth and soft
C-zone is a Green Tea Mud Mask containing Green Tea Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract to soothe sensitive skin and provides healthy skin with rich hydration
U-Zone is a Color Change Peel-off Mask that contains Gold, Collagen and Q-10 ingredients to give your skin a firm resilience


How to use: 1. Thoroughly clean and dry face.

2. Open the bottom sachet and apply Color Change Peel-off Mask(Formula1) to U-zone area evenly.

3. Open the middle sachet and apply Green Tea Mud Mask(Formula2) to C-zone area evenly.

4. Open the upper sachet and apply Pink Bubble Mud Mask(Formula3) to T-zone area evenly.

5. Wear the masks for 10-15 minutes, then slowly peel off Formula1 from the bottom and rinse your face with lukewarm water


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